Hello there!

“Java is to JavaScript what car is to Carpet.” – Chris Heilmann

About Me

Hey! My name is Steff, I'm 23 years old and a full stack developer!

I'm working with C#, Java, PHP, JS, Node, Python, Lua, VB. I'm experienced with Linux, Windows Server, Docker, K8S, AWS and OpenShift.

For the last 14 years I try to improve myself by making the life of others around me better. That's why none of my projects have either ads or other monetization options enabled.

Today I'm mainly a Web & Python Developer.

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Current Projects

A list of my current projects I'm working on!

Virgin Slayermore_vert
Virgin Slayerclose

Virgin Slayer is the most powerful Discord Captcha bot out there! VirginSlayer provides streamlined access control for Discord communities. A user that tries to join gets the Unverified-Role that prohibits access to the contents of the server he tries to access. To leave this state the user needs to complete a Captcha.


Tick.js was created during a webex call in which we learned to use git like I didn't already knew, so because I got bored and I needed a tick based system for one of my projects, Tick.js was born.

With Tick.js you can execute tasks automatically X-Times a second.

Node Data Validator

This Data Validator was created out of necessity to validate received objects against an given data model on a websocket server, but it can be used to compare any data. You can specify data models with details like min- or max-size and more.


UnTubed is a german website created to filter YouTube content more accurate by enabling different filters.