Hello there!

“Java is to JavaScript what car is to Carpet.” – Chris Heilmann

About Me

Hey! My name is Steff, I'm 25 years old and a full stack developer!

I'm working with C#, Java, PHP, JS, Node, Python, Lua, VB. I'm experienced with Linux, Windows Server, Docker, K8S, AWS and OpenShift.

For the last 16 years I try to improve myself by making the life of others around me better. That's why none of my projects have either ads or other monetization options enabled.

Today I'm mainly a Web & Python Developer.

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Current Projects

A list of my current projects I'm working on!

The Internetmore_vert
The Internetclose

The Internet is a fun game for parties up to 16 players, where bots play against users for survival. It builds around the imposter principle from games like Among Us, Town of Salem and other games alike.

Virgin Slayermore_vert
Virgin Slayerclose

Virgin Slayer is the most powerful Discord Captcha bot out there! VirginSlayer provides streamlined access control for Discord communities. A user that tries to join gets the Unverified-Role that prohibits access to the contents of the server he tries to access. To leave this state the user needs to complete a Captcha.

Rainbow Canvasmore_vert
Rainbow Canvasclose


Rainbow Canvas is a clone of the popular reddit.com event r/place. This project has been finished.


UnTubed is a german website created to filter YouTube content more accurate by enabling different filters.

Node.js Modules

Node.js Modules that I have published over time.


Tick.js was created during a webex call in which we learned to use git like I didn't already knew, so because I got bored and I needed a tick based system for one of my projects, Tick.js was born.

With Tick.js you can execute tasks automatically X-Times a second.

Node Data Validator

This Data Validator was created out of necessity to validate received objects against an given data model on a websocket server, but it can be used to compare any data. You can specify data models with details like min- or max-size and more.

Node WS Packets

node-ws-packets is used for client2server communication via websocket connection in JavaScript. It's a packet based system, which streamlines the process of sending and receiving data.